Establish a company in Tan Binh district

— If you only have a small business and operate on a family scale, you probably won’t consider starting a company. However, in a flat world and all commercial activities are very open and free, you should consider a larger business, and the inevitable requirement is to establish a company or establish a company. businesses (whether individuals or organizations, there will be different forms of company formation.


1. Advice on Services of Establishment of a Company in Tan Binh District

– Consulting and guiding customers to provide necessary information and documents;

– Consulting and guiding customers to choose business lines;

– Consulting and guiding customers to name the company;

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– Consulting and guiding customers to choose the location of the head office;

– Consulting and guiding customers to choose the size of capital contribution, form of capital contribution, company organizational structure;

– Consulting and guiding customers to study relevant legal regulations.

2. Prepare the entire application for registration of company establishment:

– Application for registration of company establishment;

– Company rules;

– List of company members, company shareholders;

– Minutes of meetings of company members and shareholders.

Process and procedures for setting up a company in Ho Chi Minh City
Step 1: receiving information from buyer and free consultation procedure

Receive information you, answer generally the conditions, procedures, legal issues arising related to brandingbranding papers units.

Legal matters related to operations of enterprises, instructions customers preparation of documents and declaration of information.

Report services to users and remarks relevant to organizationtax affairs.

Step 2: editing documents and submitting documents, completed procedures

After you provide notice proceedcompose document, transfer buyer sign and submit completeddocuments appearance on the market company and deliver results to usersmost papers and seals;

Step 3: solve the problems arising related during the period of public operation

After “termination” of “manufacturer” of “branding” of an organization, “a lawyer” will “consult” fully with the “contents” related to the “period” of operation of the enterprise, the distribution of forms, the internal procedures for the organization, and the supply. common contractsfor businesses

Instructing problems arising for conditional businesses and transferring free hotlines to users to receive related consulting requests to provide maximum support for users after use. services available on the corporate market in VIETNAM.

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If you are in need of company establishment service in Tan Binh District, HCMC, please contact us directly for more details.

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