How to Apply for a Business License in Vietnam

What is a business license? What information does the business license in Vietnam include? This article of will help customers better understand the issues related to business licenses in Vietnam.

Information on business license in Vietnam

▶ Name, code, address of the head office, branch and representative office of the enterprise.

▶ Full name, permanent address, nationality, citizen identification number (passport or other lawful personal identification) of the legal representative of the enterprise.

▶ Full name, permanent address, nationality, citizen identification number (passport or other lawful personal identification) of a member or founding shareholder of the company.

Contact the unit Setting up a company in Vietnam

▶ Charter capital for limited liability companies as well as partnerships.

▶ Number of shares, value of contributed share capital and number of shares authorized to be offered for sale (for joint-stock companies).

▶ Initial investment capital if this is a private enterprise.

▶ Legal capital for enterprises engaged in specific business lines.

▶ Industry and scope of business activities of the enterprise.

▶ Establishment decision number or business registration number of the business owner.

▶ Goods, services and products in the field of business.

▶ Certificate of eligibility to conduct business activities.

▶ Validity period of business licenses in Vietnam.

▶ Other content…

Steps to prepare for a business license in Vietnam

Step 1: Choose the type of business to start a business. Business owners need to understand the characteristics of each type of business to be able to identify and choose the type of business that best suits the company’s development orientation.

The main factors that business owners need to consider to choose the right type of organization: tax, liability, transferability, addition, replacement, business size to attract investors other. Common types of businesses in Vietnam include: Private Enterprise, Partnership, One Member Limited Liability Company, 2V Limited Company, Joint Stock Company. This is one of the most important steps in starting a company.

Step 2: Determine the standardized business lines in accordance with the law on business registration. This is one of the next important company formation steps that everyone needs to keep in mind.

Step 3: Prepare copies of identity cards or passports of members (shareholders). The selection of who will be the members (shareholders) of the company will be decided by the business owner, but the number of members and shareholders will be determined by the type of business. Note: Notarized copy of ID card not older than 3 months, validity period of ID card is not more than 15 years.

Step 4: Choose a company name, it is best to choose a short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce company name and this company name does not completely overlap with previously established units ( nationwide).

Subjects granting business licenses in Vietnam

Subjects of business license are domestic enterprises, economic organizations, and foreign-invested economic organizations.

Organization of domestic enterprises with conditional business

A domestic business organization, if it registers a conditional business line, must fully satisfy the business conditions of that line of business to be allowed to do business.

Conditional business lines such as:

Retailers of alcohol must obtain a liquor retail license

Food business establishments, cafes and restaurants must apply for a certificate of eligibility for food safety.

Many conditional businesses require a license before doing business. Please refer to: List of conditional business lines.

Economic organizations with foreign investment

According to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 5 of Decree 09/2018/ND-CP, business licenses are granted to foreign-invested economic organizations that carry out the following activities:

– Exercising the right to retail and distribute goods, except for rice; road; recorded items; books, newspapers and magazines;


The following is the detailed information about the business registration license. Hopefully, the article of has helped you answer questions about “what is a business license?”, “how is the procedure for registering a business license?” from which it is convenient to establish a business enterprise.

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